World Bank: Covid 19 Test Kits Were Ordered in 2017 – The Disease Did Not Exist….. Yet

The disease was not even given a name until February 2020.

How could millions of dollars of Covid 19 test kits be imported around the world in 2017. These screen shots are from the World Health Organization and the World Customs Organization. Basically, this means that the entire plandemic was scheduled by the UN … and most of the countries agreed to go along with the plan to destroy all freedom.

Here is the link to the info below– (note, since the articles release the World Bank has changed the name of Covid 19 Test Kits on 9/6/2020 to Medical Test Kits… So that you would not understand that the pandemic was planned way before the start in November of 2019….BUT A SCREEN SHOT WAS TAKEN BEFORE THE CHANGE AND IS FROM THE WORLD BANK WEB SITE – BELOW THIS LINK)



COVID-19 Test Kits from 2017?!!

The World Bank website has an active record for “COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Instruments and apparatus (902780) exports by country in 2018” even though the World Health Organization did not name Coronavirus “COVID-19” until February 2020 amid this year’s outbreak. There is also a record for COVID-19 tests exported in 2017. At this time, we await a clear explanation from officials as to why this record exists, and will update accordingly.


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