Why not use UPS or Fedex… or the Mail….. No… you are going to need a gun to deliver this package of poison… door to door..





  1. Robert Dotson, MD

    Madness.. Complete and utter…

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  2. jha

    well we can’t blame trump even though as POTUS the buck is supposed to stop with him, because he cares about people as evidenced by his MAGA, while every other government, media & spy official in the country is obviously the “deep state” and is actively working against trump and his benevolent altruism.


  3. h5mind

    People are perhaps starting to realize the office of President is not as powerful as once though. Like every predecessor before him, Trump do the bidding of the money masters or risk ending up ventilated by the CIA or some other Trojan horse outfit.

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  5. Gary

    A:, Trump stated the HCQ is a cure and also a “vaccine”. (not injected) Delivered by mil lessens the chance of someone tainting the HCQ, like the covid19 laced swabs. Yeah, of course one would test positive, so would the swab, and a papaya. Two plants that make ingredients for HCQ had fires, coincidence? B: Trump IS the Money master now, since he moved the FedRes in to the Dept of Treas, and since Trump is head of the Treas, he is now in charge of the FedRes banking cartel and the Rothchilds, Taking out trillions out of the fed cartel will toss their balance sheets so far, by fall, they will have to declare Bankruptcy. NO bank in the world can do credit swaps without Trumps permission, via the Treasury. Interest free money coming this fall or in the spring. Trump is completing the task that JFK died for.

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  6. Darkwing

    OK Trump, when I see you and all in the white house and all of congress get their shot, then I will think about it. One more thing Dr. Trump: you bring your needle, I will bring my 357, we will see who makes the biggest hole.

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  7. lizzie dw

    Since we know the virus mutates every short while no vaccine can protect you to the latest mutation, which does not announce itself to the vaccine manufacturers. We could take Hydroxychloroquine and zinc prophylactically, which people have been doing for years in areas where malaria is present. I would like that better, myself – just in the flu season. Recently I have heard that there is mercury and aluminium in any vaccine; this may not be true but who wants to take a chance. Vaccines are tricky, especially those made by Bill Gates, which seemed to have brought about bad outcomes to children in India (I think). Plus I have heard the Bill Gates’ children did not ever get vaccines. That bothers me.

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  8. Winston Smith

    Video does not match the headline. Nowhere in this video does he talk about the military.


  9. Daniel Noah

    Futuret: You’ve got your left shoe on your right foot…both laced from top -down open at the bottom… O’bama is your man. O’s mom: Tribe of Dan. O’s father was Syrian..Jewish and Roman and he honors the god of forces…not interested in adult women…the world loves his half truth’s and outright lies….he’s up to his eyeballs in this Steele /Trump(lie) collusion. Solution: DNC will take out Trump the way they took out Seth Rich; he, for selling 70,000 E-mails to Wiki Leaks, because he was a big Bernie fan…Hillary/DNC stole 16 state primaries from Bernie…Seth was pissed…done with the DNC, so, he sold to Julian…You’ll know Trump is not 666 when T.P.T.B. take him and Manhattan out…false flags…Oorder Out of Chaos. But before the 7 yr peace pact Jesus has a surprise…1Thess. 4:16-18 – But some …Is.6:01-3 linger and bring in a harvest.Daniel


  10. Florian Crazzi

    WOW , Look out China , US of Terror will became worst than any country ever was , including Hitler’s Germany or even the Fascist Gov of Benito Mussolini
    Well done Baby Killer/trump


  11. chrisirish67

    proof trump is a moron who really believes he has dictator rights.


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