General Wesley Clark: US will overthrow 7 Countries


General Wesley Clark: “The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years”

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  1. Yep, and #8 is to be the United States itself, in the process.

    People need to wake up. Bombing Iran is to be the final waltz and apotheosis for America. We are
    only being kept alive right now for that final purpose. Once Iran lies in ruins, the European banks that own us will collapse our economy; the Russians may nuke us, the Chinese may invade us, but either way, we will disintegrate into terror and collapse.

    The world is to be Israel’s after that. For they’ll control the entire Mideast and thus all the oil.

    Have to be an idiot now not to see this is the plan…especially in light of Gen. Clark’s comments.

    What 9-11 was all about.

    More circumstantial evidence that MOSSAD was behind it…as well as likely the recent oil tanker “limpet mine” (i.e. missile) attacks, that NO nation in the world is believing except for the ones involved (Britain, Israel and U.S.)…even Japan has so far reject the united States’ explanation for these attacks…and it was their ship hit.


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